A stunning custom laminated edge on a White Carrera Marble table

A Custom Laminated Edge on a White Carrera Marble Table

Countertop Edge Profiles

Our craftsmen can combine various edges and profiles to help you achieve your very own distinctive profile.
Your only limit is your imagination.

Going for a more robust look than what a standard thickness countertop can deliver?
We can specially craft a mitered drop-edge to mimic any thickness stone you wish without breaking the bank on ordering a specially thick stone.

Your options are nearly limitless!

Group I

A Square Eased edge profile

Group II
1/4 inch bevel countertop edge profile

Full Bullnose countertop edge profile

Roundover countertop edge profile

Group III
Ogee Countertop Edge Profile

DuPont Countertop Edge Profile
Custom Edge

Mitered Drop Edge Countertop Profile