a stunning close up of a  Rich Paradise Suede granite countertop
A Rich Paradise Granite Countertop with a Suede Finish

Countertop Finishes

Not only must you love the look of your countertop, but the feel as well. At Badger GraniteWerks we offer
three distinguished finishes: polished, honed, and suede that each have a unique character and texture all of their own.


A polished finish is most often recognizable by its brilliant, reflective sheen and its smooth, almost glassy feel.
A true polish is achieved not through coating the stone with oils or glosses, but instead through a process of finely
honing the stone until it develops a natural shine of its own. Eye-catching yet understated, the polished finish is a perennial favorite,
in fact, to such an extant that it is widely considered the default throughout the countertop industry.


Often referred to as a matte or satin finish, the honed finish is smooth to the touch but distinctly non-reflective,
lacking the gloss that is often associated with a polished finish. Honed countertops have been described as having a more classic style,
softer on the eyes and to the touch than a polished finish.


A hot new trend in countertop finishes, the suede finish pairs the softer look
of a honed finish with a subtle texture providing a more casual and inviting appearance.

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