Eclipse Sinks

This distinctive line of sinks is offered exclusively through fabricators. They are made of only the highest quality 304 grade stainless steel.
As a pioneer of 16 gauge sinks, they set the pace. You can feel the weight difference - its amazing!

16 Gauge Stainless Steel Sinks 

Eclipse D-801 Diablo  Stainless Undermount sink
 601-16 Diablo

Eclipse D-802-16 Lafayetter  Stainless Undermount sink
602-16 Lafayette
Eclipse D-803-16 Marin Stainless Undermount Sink
 603-16 Marin

Eclipse D-805-16 Vallejo Stainless Steel Undermount Sink

505-16 Vallejo

Eclipse S-3018-16 Napa Stainless Undermount sink

M3018-16 Napa

Eclipse 3419 Odin Stainless Undermount sink
3419 Odin
T-518-16 Sierra Undermount Stainless Sink
598-16 Sierra

Eclipse D-599 Tahoe Undermount Stainless sink
599-16 Tahoe

18 Gauge Stainless Steel Sinks

Eclipse S-1512-18 Palo Alto Stainless Undermount Sink
M1512-18 Palo Alto

Eclipse S-1815-18 Tilden Undermount Stainless sink
M1815-18 Tilden

Eclipse S-2318-18 Montclair Undermount Stainless sink
M2318-18 Montclair

Eclipse S-2421 Tiburon Undermount Stainless sink

M2421-18 Tiburon 

602-18 Sausalito

Eclipse 803-18 Tamalpais Stainless Undermount sink
603-18 Tamalpais

16 Gauge Very Small Radius Stainless Steel Sinks

Eclipse Stainless VSR-3219

Eclipse Stainless VSR-702
Eclipse Stainless VSR-703
Eclipse Stainless VSR-2318
Eclipse Stainless VSR-1919
Eclipse Stainless VSR-1515

Ceramic Bowls

Eclipse 183 Carmel Ceramic sink
183 Carmel
Eclipse 193 Monterey ceramic Bathroom sink
193 Monterey
Eclipse 194 Bolinas Ceramic bathroom sink
194 Bolinas

Stainless Steel Lavatory

Eclipse 420 Atherton ceramic bathroom sink
420 Atherton

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