About Us



Locally owned and operated, Badger Granitewerks is Madison's most trusted source of expertly crafted granite countertops


Badger GraniteWerks, Inc. was founded in July 1997 by Daryl & Anne Broadbridge. In January 2018, after over 20 years in business, new owners Luke & Jeanie Drury have stepped into the leadership role.

We strive to provide quality materials, superior workmanship and outstanding service in everything that we do. We define outstanding service as:

- Working with customers to lay out their project on their slabs so that there are no suprises.

- Reducing typical industry production lead times from four to eight weeks to just two to three weeks

- Providing reliable installation dates to the client as soon as production is scheduled, and then not missing that date. 


The world is our supplier. We bring in natural stones from Italy, Brazil, India, Africa, Canada, Mexico, and the USA, including four beautiful granites and one quartzite quarried right here in the Badger state.  We can provide granites, marbles, soapstones, quartzites, slates, limestones, and travertines from anywhere in the world through our domestic importers.


We offer quartz and porcelain sintered stone surfaces sourced from companies which manufacture here in the USA, as well as those from around the world.


 By working with many different suppliers, we are able to shop for high quality stones to meet your style and budget criteria.