Countertop Finishes


We want you to not only love the look of your countertop, but the feel as well.

At Badger GraniteWerks we off three distinct finishes for your countertop - polished, honed, and suede - each of which has a unique look and feel all its own.



A polished finish is most often recognizable by its brilliant, reflective sheen and its smooth, almost glass-like feel. A true polish is achieved not through coating the stone with oils or glosses, but instead through a process of finely honing and polishing the stone with diamond pads until it develops a natural shine of its own. Eye-catching, the polished finish is an elegant, perennial favorite.



Often referred to as a matte finish, the honed finish is smooth to the touch but distinctly non-reflective when put in the light. Honed countertops have been described as having a more refined style, softer on the eyes and to the touch than a polished finish. Many marbles, travertines and limestones are only available with a honed finish.



Recognizable by its textured feel and understated appearance, the suede finish is one of the hottest new trends in the countertop industry.  Suede, also known as satin or brushed, depending upon the depth of the suede, is a remarkably flexible finish. Used in everything from ultra-modern kitchens to traditional cabins, sueded countertops provide a home or office with rustic elegance. If you find the perfect natural stone that is only available in polished, we have the technology to suede the surface for you.




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