Wisconsin Granite & Limestone

Badger GraniteWerks is proud to present a collection of granites and limestones quarried right here in the great state of Wisconsin.  


One of the unique advantages of using locally sourced stone, besides looking great, is that it is environmentally conscious as well.  Stone quarried locally does not need to shipped as far.  A smaller carbon footprint reduces the impact upon our environment.  Specifically, using stone that was extracted, processed, and manufactured exclusively within a 500 mile radius can be a simple first step in helping a project become LEED certified as environmentally conscious.




Wisconsin Granite & Quartzite


Wisconsin Red Granite

Lavender Grey Quartzite

Sierra Rose Granite

Wausau Red Granite

Aqua Grantique Suede Granite


Wisconsin Limestone


Bluff Limestone

River Bluff Limestone

Dovewhite Limestone

Dovewhite Blush Limestone

Platinum Limestone

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