Marble Countertops


Marble has inspired both artists and craftsmen for centuries with its unmistakable warmth and elegance.


Signature Series Marble Program


We have selected these particular stones for their timeless beauty.


Italian White Carrara, with either a honed or polished finish, is the stone many people think of first when they think of marble. For the past few years, the background tones in White Carrara has tended more toward the greys. Arabescato Venato, another Italian marble, has a whiter background, but also has some brown tones that warm up the stone.


Pulled from the rocky hills of Vermont, the 100 year old Danby Marble Quarry is famous for producing exquisite marbles of exceptional beauty and durability.  Due to its remarkably low natural absorption rate and exceptional harness, Danby marble stands apart from other white marbles in its ability to withstand the wear and tear of a well-used kitchen. The background color of both the Imperial and Montclair is white with some cream tones, and both have beautiful grey or grey/black veining. The Imperial is a bit warmer with some gold and light brown veining.


With our Signature Series program, when your project requires only a portion of a slab, we will share the usable balance.



Italian White Carrara
(Polished or Honed)

Imperial Danby

Montclair Extra Danby

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