Granite Countertops


Prized for both its natural beauty and inherent resilience, granite countertops are an industry standard for those that want the best in their homes.

While there is a world of granite choices, we have two programs designed

to provide our customers with cost-effective alternatives to purchasing full slabs.


ClassicSeries Granite


 Hand-selected to provide customers with a wide color palette, consistency, and value,

our ClassicSeries program offers many of our most popular granites by the square foot.  

Since you only pay for the material that you use, your costs stay in control.


Black Pearl
(Polished B, Suede C)

Fantasy White
(Polished or Suede C)

Uba Tuba
(Polished A, Suede B)

Azul Platino
(Polished A)

Absolute Black
(Polished E, Suede/Honed F)

Venetian Pearl
(Polished B)

Salinas White
(Polished B)

Steel Grey
(Polished B, Honed C)

Tan Brown
(Polished B, Suede C)


Signature Series Granite


Our Signature Series program offers select natural stones featuring fresh, bold patterns and striking colors in textures and finishes that are sure to provide the “wow” factor.  With our Signature Series program, when your project requires only a portion of a slab, we will share the usable balance.


New River White Granite
(Polished or Suede)

White Persia Granite

Camelot Dream Granite


Aqua Grantique Granite

Rich Paradise Granite
(Polished or Suede)


If you would like to see our full line of granite colors, please give us a call

 to make an appointment or complete the Contact Us form below.